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To secure your building and ensure your safety, it is important to construct a high-quality roof. Thus, to make sure the structural integrity of your roof, hire professionals who can provide strong construction services. Our Roofers in Kingston Upon Thames promises to deliver the finest quality roofing services, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of your building’s roof. Our skilled professionals understand the crucial role of a roof. It is the significant component in maintaining the structural integrity of a building. Therefore, our roofers in Kingston Upon Thames are dedicated to building durable roofs that can withstand harsh weather conditions. As well as, we also offer emergency services to ensure your safety in emergency situations. So, contact us today to book our exceptional roofing services.

Our Services:

Roofers in Kingston Upon Thames provide a variety of roofing services; for example flare roofing, slate roofing, and tiled roofing. Each style of roofing comes with its pros and cons. Every roofing type matches certain requirements. For instance, slate roofing is good for areas with tough weather conditions. So various factors are at play while deciding a roof for your property: including the climate conditions of your area, your aesthetic preferences, and budget constraints. Therefore, our professional roofers in Kingston Upon Thames conduct a thorough inspection of your building and the surrounding area to determine the best type of roofing for you. Our roofers in Kingston Upon Thames aim to choose the most cost-effective roofing style that can withstand the weather conditions of your area.

Roofers in London

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Flat Roofing
Roofers in Kingston Upon Thames will build for you low-maintenance requiring flat roofs. They will make sure your roof doesn’t accumulate debris and provide a smooth discharge of water. Thus, a flare roof is suitable for your commercial or industrial property. Additionally, it will prove cost-effective and will not trouble you will maintenance charges.

Slate Roofing
It is a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution for roofing. Our roofers in Kingston Upon Thames will suggest these roofs for areas with extreme weather conditions. So, the experts will install your flare roof with accuracy to eliminate any risks.

Tiled Roofing
If you want to increase the value of your property, let roofers in Kingston Upon Thames choose tiled roofing for you. Because it gives you the freedom to choose from many colors, sizes, and shapes. As a result, it will attract people and increase the value of your property.

Benefits of Working with Us

Any roofing professional will give you roof repairs and installments. What we offer differently are our free consulting appointments, no payment before completion of the project, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. You have read it right! Our roofers in Kingston Upon Thames will give you a free consulting session. You can share your queries and ask the professionals for advice.

Roofers in London
Roofers in London

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While every professional roofer in the construction industry guarantees to build a durable and safe roof, Thistle Roofers in Kingston Upon Thames stand out with our years of experience. You can double check with our previous customers. They will give you recommendations and reviews about the success of our project with them.


Our roofing solutions are tailored to match the weather conditions of your area and make the roofs energy-efficient, which will result in saving energy costs. In addition, the expert roofers in Kingston Upon Thames will provide exceptional customer service, taking into account the latest trends and paying attention to details. They will communicate effectively and demonstrate honest work ethics throughout the project.

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