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Whether you own a functional chimney, or simply keep it as an attractive decorative feature, Thistle Roofing Ltd offers chimney maintenance and renewal of the highest industry standards. A faulty chimney can cause problems both external and internal problems to your property. Our professionally trained experts work safely to see to it that your chimney operates as it should or is sitting quite safely on your roof, causing no concerns.

A damaged functional chimney can be a smoke and fire hazard. If you notice smoke is not flowing out through your chimney as freely as it previously has, it may be obstructed in some way. Debris from this obstruction may fall down onto your fireplace, which is lit, can start a fire inside your property. Equally, a chimney with structural damage on your roof can also present a hazard as it may collapse at any time.

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Thistle Roofing Ltd advises you not to take the risk. Our experts can conduct a full inspection of your roof and chimney, for both external and internal damages to determine exactly where the hazards and problems lie. We’ll then begin work straight away to resolve any problems we discover.

For decades, Thistle Roofing Ltd is the only trusted Roofing Professionals operating  proudly assisted many, many customers with an endless list of problems faced with their chimney repairs. And just like with them, we’ll be happy to help you today too. Whether you need help with the whole chimney stack, or you simply have some pots missing, we’re certain can help. We also lead work services for the structure of your chimney to ensure it is watertight.

Many of our customers are unaware that they have a problem with their chimney and it is often when we carry out a roof survey for another reason that we spot these problems. We can carry out a full roof and chimney survey at your convenience. This could save you money in the long run, especially if we notice a severe problem with your chimney that could cause more severe damage to your roof or below. Just one windy night could be all it takes to bring your chimney down.

Thistle Roofing Ltd Specialise in:

  • New Slate Roof and Slate Roof
  • Leadwork
  • EPDM Roof and Repairs
  • Felt Roof and Repairs
  • New tiled roof and repair
  • New Fascia and Soffits Repairs
  • Guttering